Walter Russell


Walter Russell, a renowned American polymath, artist, and philosopher, made significant contributions to various fields of study throughout his lifetime. One of his most groundbreaking works is the book titled “A New Concept of the Universe.” In this article, we will explore the key ideas presented in this influential book and also provide information on where you can access a free audiobook version of it.

About “A New Concept of the Universe”

“A New Concept of the Universe” is a thought-provoking book written by Walter Russell in 1953. In this work, Russell presents his unique perspective on the nature of the universe, challenging conventional scientific beliefs and offering alternative explanations for various phenomena.

Russell’s book delves into topics such as the nature of light, the structure of atoms, the origins of matter, and the interconnectedness of all things. He proposes a holistic view of the universe, emphasizing the dynamic interplay between energy and matter.

Key Ideas

One of the central ideas in “A New Concept of the Universe” is Russell’s concept of the “Wave Universe.” He suggests that everything in the universe is composed of waves, which are the fundamental units of energy. According to Russell, these waves give rise to the appearance of solid matter through their rhythmic motion.

Furthermore, Russell challenges the traditional understanding of light as electromagnetic radiation. He argues that light is not a wave or a particle but rather a series of expanding and contracting rings of light. This perspective offers a new explanation for the phenomena of color and the behavior of light in different mediums.

Russell also explores the nature of atoms in his book. He proposes that atoms are not composed of a nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons, as commonly believed, but rather consist of a series of rings of light. According to Russell, these rings of light determine the characteristics and behavior of different elements.

Another important concept presented in the book is the idea of the “electric universe.” Russell suggests that electricity is the fundamental force that governs the universe, and all other forces, such as gravity, magnetism, and nuclear forces, are secondary manifestations of electric energy.

Accessing the Free Audiobook & PDF

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