In late 2015, Romley Stewart from Cairns, Australia, made waves with a series of thought-provoking videos on the GLOSSA Channel. These videos delved into the grammatical intricacies surrounding crucial documents like the Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s License, and even Money. Here, we will explore Part 1 of this enlightening series, which sheds light on the deceptive grammatical practices that have turned us into unwitting corporate crew members on their corporation ship.

Romley’s videos aim to uncover the hidden truths behind the legal and grammatical constructs that govern our lives. Part 2 of the series specifically focuses on the manipulation of language to establish our legal identities as corporate entities. By dissecting the grammar used in official documents, Romley reveals how we have unknowingly become part of a corporate system.

Through careful analysis, Romley highlights the subtle yet significant linguistic techniques employed to blur the lines between individual sovereignty and corporate control. By examining the grammatical structure of documents such as the Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s License, and even Money, he uncovers the hidden agenda behind these seemingly innocent pieces of paperwork.

This thought-provoking series challenges viewers to question the established norms and assumptions surrounding official documentation. By understanding the grammatical deceptions at play, individuals can gain a deeper awareness of the systems that govern their lives and make more informed choices.

These videos are quite literally Blockbusters: Day 1, Part 2 of Romley Stewart’s GLOSSA Channel series is a must-watch for those seeking to unravel the intricacies of the legal and grammatical constructs that shape our identities. It serves as a reminder to critically examine the language used in official documents and encourages individuals to reclaim their autonomy in the face of corporate influence.