During the annual Davos summit 2024, Doctor Bill Gates, made an exciting announcement regarding a range of new vaccines. Gates, the self proclaimed vaccine expert & virologist emphasised the urgent need for longer-lasting protection and broader coverage in […]
“The Dimming,” which provides conclusive evidence of the existence of global weather intervention operations. Through atmospheric particle testing, conducted by GeoengineeringWatch.org, it has been proven that the lingering jet aircraft trails, commonly known as contrails, are not just […]
Trevor James Constable, a prominent natural scientist of the 20th century, embarked on a remarkable journey into the unseen forces of nature. Initially an aviation and military historian, Constable’s fascination with the UFO phenomena led him to delve […]
Wilhelm Reich, a controversial figure in the field of psychology and psychiatry, developed various theories and inventions during his career. One of his notable creations was the Medical DOR Buster, which was a smaller version of his cloudbuster, […]
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Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, or Stratospheric Aerosol Injection – these are terms that have sparked intense debates and conspiracy theories. Some claim that these practices are part of a grand scheme by the Global Elite to control […]