The Works and Theories of Wilhelm Reich: Medical DOR Busters (Free PDF)

Wilhelm Reich, a controversial figure in the field of psychology and psychiatry, developed various theories and inventions during his career. One of his notable creations was the Medical DOR Buster, which was a smaller version of his cloudbuster, specifically designed for use on human patients.

Unlike some alleged versions of the cloudbuster, the Medical DOR Buster did not contain any radioactive material. Reich’s hypothesis was that many physiological and psychological ailments were not only caused by the blockage of the normal movement of orgone energy within the body but also by the accumulation of Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR). Therefore, the DOR Buster, by allegedly drawing out DOR from the patient’s body, aimed to restore their health.

The process of using the DOR Buster involved the patient undressing, while the therapist held the device in one hand. The therapist would position the ends of the pipes less than an inch away from the patient’s skin and then move the device back and forth. The intention was to draw out the accumulated DOR and promote the free flow of orgone energy within the patient’s body.

It is important to note that Reich’s theories and inventions, including the Medical DOR Buster, have been met with skepticism and criticism from the scientific community. Despite this, his work continues to intrigue and influence certain alternative healing practices.

In conclusion, Wilhelm Reich’s Medical DOR Buster was a device intended to draw out DOR from the patient’s body to potentially restore their health. While controversial and not widely accepted, it remains a part of Reich’s legacy and his exploration of orgone energy and its impact on human well-being.